Outstanding Tub, Shower and Sink Restoration in CLEVELAND OHIO

Stained, Hard to clean tub embarrassing you? Let the professionals at Integrity Tub Restoration restore the shine and ease of cleaning! We provide the service of refinishing bathtubs, tile wall surrounds, stall showers, and jacuzzi style tubs. Our staff also repairs heavily damaged bathtubs. Whether it is a small chip or a big crack on the floor of your tub, we have a variety of methods to ensure a solid repair. We also apply non-slip surfaces to tub and shower floors.

We Refinish & Reglaze:

  • Porcelain Tubs
  • Fiberglass Tubs & Showers Sinks

We Offer these services:

  • Strip painted tub, restore with a permanent non-slip mat
  • Non-painted restoration with a permanent non-slip mat
  • Chip Repair


  • No Painting, Spraying, Odors or Mess!
  • Ready to Use the Same Day!
  • Restored tubs will not chip, crack, peel or fade.
  • Restoring your bathroom fixture to it's original color.
  • We offer commercial and residential restoration services.
  • Able to preform restoring services on porcelain or fiberglass tubs, sinks or showers.
  • These services fall under our Limited Lifetime Guarantee


  • Color Changes to tile wall surrounds, bathtubs and sinks.
  • Refinishing your bathroom fixtures to an updated color.
  • Re-glazing or resurfacing your shower, sinks, tubs and tile will change the look of your bathroom.
  • These services fall under our Six Year Warranty.


  • We provide repair service to fiberglass and porcelain tubs, showers and sinks.
  • We can repair smalls chips to big crack.
  • Rather than purchasing an expensive new tub, shower or sink... Let us repair your surface with our affordable repair rates.
  • These services fall under our Six Year Warranty.
Contact Integrity Tub Restoration today and let us restore your tub, shower or sink to its original shine! 440-915-1018